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This lady sails like a dream. The Skipper has worked endlessly to enhance her performance. The new sails get OMOO sailing upright again. This is a super exciting step for OMOO as sails were original from 2001.

Wait for me: A note from OMOO.

OMOO talks! Yes, she’s alive and tells all…

The custom made dingy davit has changed life on OMOO. So many advantages on the design of this project: Ease of launch and retrieval. Safe while sailing, no drag. Motor is left on dingy but protected from theft. The list goes on and on. See the launch here:

OMOO Stories

  • Sitting in the Cockpit

    Sitting in the Cockpit

    There’s nothing like sitting in the cockpit watching the world go by. Mother Nature provides the backdrop for the marina as it plays an orchestra of sounds. Halyards tinkling in the breeze, docks creaking as they ride the tide. The shrill of the kingfisher diving for breakfast in a flash of feathers. A raucous screech […]

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  • January Jumpback to Humpbacks

    January Jumpback to Humpbacks

    Humpback whales swarm OMOO on a warm summer day in Desolation Sound. These magnificent creatures are coming back in steadily climbing numbers. They are curious and love to come close to say HI!! Grab a morning cup of coffee and enjoy this exciting video taken by our loyal friend and crew, Ken Wilson. Thanks […]

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  • Stirring up some shit

    Stirring up some shit

    This a perfectly shitty timing… Guest blog from Mexico is making me very jealous. You know that tank is gonna have some extra kick! Please enjoy Sue Peck on S/V Cariba in Canada or S/V Calidras in Mexico. The adventures never end! OMOO real talk… Sideways Sally returned to OMOO on a stormy weekend […]

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  • Ecstatic Loveliness

    This is the summer that wasn’t. An unscheduled stop. A colosal disruption. 2021 is the year of the known unknowns, then there are the unknown unknowns. OMOO and crew started unplanning the yearly voyage while patiently waiting for Covid vaccines and restrictions to lift. One thing led to another in the breakdown department. Undoing the […]

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