Sailing with Ken and Tanis

Walsh Cove

The day held us in wonder of the surroundings in Walsh Cove Marine Park in Desolation Sound.

Oyster Catchers enthusiastically protested our intrusion.  We anchored between Gorge Islets and West Redonda Island in 20 feet of water, to find ourselves in heaven on earth.  The run off from the surrounding mountains turn the cold ocean a deep emerald green on the shallows.DSC_3643



Exploring the islets, picking oysters and soaking our feet in the warm(ish) salt water took us to that time of day where the sun lowers itself onto the tips of the mountains, the wind softens to a gentle breeze, and peaceful shadows crawl across the water, calming the waves into glassy ripples.

Back on Omoo for happy hour  and a spectacular thunder and lightning storm, a sudden shift of wind and THUNK, keel meets mother earth!!  Up comes the anchor and out we motor, in goes the anchor in 60 feet.  The storm passed, everything returned to calm, and the night was as quiet as a deserted planet.

In the morning while checking our crab trap we dingyed closer to the cliffs above and started spotting red marking above the tide line.  The petroglyphs faced the cove in different directions, somewhat sheltered from the elements.  We found four out of six which according to the guide books, were first recorded by the explorers of the area in 1911.  It’s fascinating to see these images that take you back in time to a place where this was home to the Salish with DSC_3653 DSC_3659 an abundant source of food and shelter.DSC_3644 DSC_3647

Thank you Skipper of Omoo for a wonderful way to explore this special place.DSC_3584 DSC_3641