Exactly !!

Eeeeeek!! We did it, sailing through the alphabet continues!

Work family is real! My sweet colleague Zack asked me quietly one day if we could all go sailing for his birthday. Well, that’s EXACTLY what we did.

We were thinking of the best way to do the best birthday, so one lunch break while Zack was snoozin, (on the right) Pred and Lisette were quietly grinnin., We were all overdue for a get away.

It took a bit of scheming and some precise planning to get from work to wonderful. We needed to ditch our jobs Friday afternoon to make the ferry from Vancouver to the Island. We bribed our boss to let us leave early. Ela drove like a bat outa hell to Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal. In order to get everyone from the big boat to the sailboat Sideways Sally flew into Maple Bay mid afternoon, got in the Toy, (Toyota) then out to Duke Point to gather up the fam.

They made it!! Zach and Sally were rockin the dock like we were off to rob a bank. We said Hi to the Skipper, did some boat prep, threw the lines and away we went.

The wind and current swept us gently through Samson Narrows, floating along under the jib. The sunshine was heavenly and sooo relaxing.

We anchored in Cowichan Bay and rowed closer to shore to set the crab trap. Then we jumped in the ocean to cool off. While waiting for our catch we stuffed ourselves with fajitas.

We could not believe our luck when we pulled the crab trap. FIVE huge Dungeness, more than enough for a feast!! It was time to head back to Maple Bay. The evening sun was getting low and we had crab to eat!!

What a day, everything was perfect. It was a boatload of fun!!

Lisette, Pred, Ela, Zach, thank you my wonderful work family for just being so cool.

The BIGGEST THANKS goes to our amazing Skipper who keeps everything running smooth, keeps the crew safe, and has so many stories to tell. We all love you!!