Boat Slaves

FLYDAY – Sailing through the Alphabet

Sailing into FLYDAY, or flying into sail day, either one, Sideways Sally needs to get to OMOO to see sweet sweet Yumna and Marie!!

Flying out of Vancouver, past Howe Sound is always spectacular. Landing in Nanaimo 20 minutes later, it’s an easy stroll to the Nanaimo Port Authority where OMOO waits.

Yumna is like a daughter from another mother. She was my travel companion in Morocco and Croatia and is a dream to be with. She brought her lovely friend Marie out for a sail on OMOO.

Yumna and Marie got to Nanaimo ahead of me so they had a few days out on anchor in Hammond Bay and Dogfish Bay. They entertained the Skipper, cooked great food and went paddle sitting. I’m gonna tease them alot about sit down paddle boarding. FYI girls.

After getting on board again in Nanaimo we anchored out for the night in Mark Bay, getting up in time to get through Dodd Narrows the next day. We had some wind all night so we were hoping for a great sail.

The new boat slaves were well orientated to OMOO and the Skipper by the time SS arrived. They grocery shopped, stowed the galley, threw the lines and cooked dinner at anchor. WHAT A TREAT!!

In the morning, after checking the chart twice, SS got things rolling. Egg salad sandwiches on the go, slack at 11:00 and the pooper pumper in between. The girls got training on docking in the wind, the pump out, and timing slack tide, all before noon.

The wind was light inside the Gulf Islands so we hoisted the sails and waited, watching the cat paws crawling across the water, carrying the wind to fill the sails. It took awhile… the concept was discussed about how “anyone can sail in big wind, it takes a professional to sail in light wind.” SS teased the wind into the sails and away we went. The training under light wind was good for learning to tack, which of course Yumna and Marie mastered quickly.

In true fashion, half way down Trincomali Channel the wind died. We took in the sails and started motoring toward Thetis Island and Clam Bay. We all wanted to go crabbing so we got out the trap and set it up to drop from the boat as we’re entered the bay.

MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY came over the radio so we listened in to a call which wasn’t actually a mayday, the sailor had lost steering but was able to anchor off Reed Island across from Clam Bay and wait for SeaTow. Rescue averted but good training for the girls to know that if a Mayday is within range of us, assisting would have required.

The sure way to get more wind is to put the sails down. Sure as my elbow is nearest to my armpit, a SE15 knot wind blew up. Up went the sails and away we went. YEEHAW!! The girls were in sailing heaven.

The question was, “Is there a sailing equivalent to YEEHAW??” Taking suggestions here!!

The day ended well, almost… Dropping the crab trap built up alot of anticipation, which of course is the best part. The girls went out on the sit down paddle boards, SS shouting encouragement to stand up, but none the less they circled the bay and went to retrieve the crab trap.

The story goes like this. Marie had the larger paddleboard so when they pulled the trap up she had room to take it back to OMOO. There were two red rock crabs, smallish of unknown gender. Marie was sure they would bite her on the ass as she paddled back, which would not have been a problem if she was standing!!


Oh dear, the crab were too small and female, so after all that work, nothing!! Well, nothing but the giggles. The back up plan for dinner, there’s always a back up plan, were kabobs on the bbq, salad, and watermelon, yumm.

The next day we had a leisurly morning of sunshine, french toast and fruit salad before motoring back to Maple Bay.

We raced back to the marina in time to catch our flight back to Vancouver. Of course we could have stayed and played all summer, but Yumna and Marie will be back!

Sideways Sally is so very grateful to have people like you in my life Yumna and Marie. You make it so special every time we meet. I love you dearly. I also am so happy to have such a wonderful Skipper who loves having company onboard and opens his home on the water so freely and openly to our old and new friends.

LUV from Sideways Sally, who can use a life jacket as a hat, if not diaper bombing!! Stay tuned.