This blog is a story of an extraordinary skipper named Hershey who is living his life long dream of living aboard a sailboat and has found his way to the West Coast of British Columbia.  The 1st mate, Sideways Sally photographs and writes about our adventures.  

We’re a couple of gypsy souls who have faced some challenges to get here.  This winter during boat projects and side jobs we’ll tell you the story of survival and overcoming both medical and personal traumas and why each day we live on bonus time.

exactly where i wanna be

The skipper lives to sail. He comes alive when all 43′ of OMOO is chasing the wind. He loves to have friends and family along for the ride, take the wheel, or play some chess. He’s “East Coast Friendly,” loves dogs and a good conversation. He’ll research innovative projects to build and keep his engineer’s brain busy.

Sideways Sally came aboard one sunny afternoon in 2010 and offered to help measure and mark out some anchor chain.  When Hershey offered her a beer and asked what time she wanted to get to the ferry, she grabbed a couple of beer for both of them and never left the boat.