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Dreamy Days

The joy of having friends aboard is real!!

Landing in Maple Bay in May, what a delight no matter how often!!

Dreamy Days in May is the “D” in Sideways Sally’s sailing through the alphabet.

There’s two types of sailing on OMOO. Long trips with the Skipper and 1st mate north through the Inside Passage to Haida Gwaii, or around Vancouver Island. The other trips and soooooo special and fun is when friends come to visit aboard for local sailing.

The latter adventures came with a sweet spring surprise when the Skipper’s long time friend Ian from New Brunswick and his son Travis landed in for ten days in early May. It was a fantastic reunion with many many stories and good times reminiscing. Both are experienced sailors so the Skipper had lots of help doing the heavy lifting.

SS joined for a weekend of men’s memories and observed the joy and laughter, warming the hearts of all aboard.

The guys had some great sailing days with an abundance of wildlife on the water. What a special treat with promises to return to sail north to see more of the PNW.

The Skipper had a permanent grin from ear to ear for ten days. To have this time with Ian after many years was the BEST way to start the season.

From East Coast to West Coast the friends are making it onto OMOO!!

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Greetings from inland Winnipeg. Really enjoy reading your blogs…never met SS; but hi! -glad you are able to live your dream! am friend from when Harold lived in Wpg. Also Harold, Marilyn says hi! Enjoy your sailing!

Thanks so much for your kind words. I will pass this on to Harold, he will be thrilled!! When can you come sailing? We’d love to have you onboard!

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