OMOO and Crew – June, 2022

OMOO wanders – true to her name.

The adventures of OMOO continue! Hershey and crew, Paul from Britain are wandering in the Broughton Archipelago. They are having a time in true East Coast and OMOO fashion, making friends along the way!!

Paul came to Canada in May to crew on Hermitage and OMOO. He’s been a welcome asset with loads of energy and sailing knowledge. He’s been crewing full-time on boats all over the world since 2017. His home is the ocean and he considers himself “a citizen of the earth.” He’s conscientious about nature and respectful to those onboard at all times. What a bonus to find him!

He found a brother on the docks in Campbell River. They had a great chat about life and compared notes on how they lost their leg(s). Bullshit was called on the stories about the shark bite and the crocodile fight pretty early in the convo.

The return of the humpback whales is dramatic, and hardly a day goes that they don’t see one.

Photo by Paul, on a day they didn’t have wind, they floated and watched the whales.

“More than 500 humpbacks have been documented and cataloged in the Salish Sea, according to the Pacific Whale Watch Association.”

June Early morning flight to Campbell River – 45 minutes.

Meeting OMOO and crew at the Fuel Dock – 20 minutes.

Provisioning in Campbell River – 2 hours.

Campbell River to Seymour Narrows – 1 hour.

Discovery Passage to Turn Point – 2 hours.

Snaughty Johnstone Strait to Shoal Bay – 4 hours.

An update yesterday, July 9th, that Hershey and Paul had traversed Dent and Yuculta Rapids on their way south to prepare for new crew arriving in August.

Up next, Canada Day on OMOO….

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Howdy hey there OOMO bunch, what a surprising (and uplifting) post.
I sometimes complain to self about the occasional slight knee pain thinking can I continue sailing in the near future.
Somebody needs to shutup.
Anywho, enjoyed the pics and comment about the whales and the sailing adventure this time (inspirational).
I hope to join the cruising/sailing bunch someday outside of day sailing.
Fari Winds.

Yes, getting to do what we love as we “mature” comes with it’s own challenges. Just gotta do things differently. It’s a big adjustment to accept our limitations without spending too much energy lamenting. I too, gotta get on with it. NEVER, EVER GIVE UP!!

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