Alaska with S/V Hermitage

Heaven on Earth

Getting out of the harbor in Ketchikan went much smoother than getting in. With the tide at slack the current was not creating havoc and the wind was a no show. Of course leaving early to avoid these factors is crucial.

We set the course for Ketchikan-Rivallagigedo Channel-Behm Channel-Rudyerd Inlet. The day was sunny and warm and we were excited with anticipation to explore a new place.

The trip so far had been a monumental milestone for the Skipper who dreamt of sailing to Alaska. Don has spent three years preparing Hermitage, and getting familiar with navigating and sailing.

Sideways Sally felt privileged to join him on his maiden voyage, and lucky to make a new sailing buddy. Crewing onboard requires work, everyone pitches in. I felt confident with the guidebooks I contributed for heading north to Alaska and the years of practice I’ve had navigating on OMOO.

I had met sailors and boaters who go to Alaska repeatedly and always wondered, “why, what is the draw?” Thinking to myself that it would be an extension to Northern British Columbia with our beautiful inlets and fjords.

The first taste of what Alaska offers proved that there are spectacular experiences to be had. I now know why people are compelled to make the long trek to this amazing place.

Take a look at this special place, Behn Channel to Punchbowl Cove.

Click the link below for a look at Revallagigedo Island, where Ketchikan is located and Behm Channel to Rudyerd Inlet.,

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Yes, it’s intriguing for sure. Never dreamed I’d be seeing it by sailboat so soon!!

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