The Skipper

Skipper’s Ticker and Clean Bottom

There’s more than a little maintenance going on with OMOO. The inspection on both top and bottom resulted in some required intervention.

The bottom came first, with some professional equipment and skilled labor making a dirty job a quick and easy fix. The Skipper was super pleased with the ease of getting up and in his boat with the full stairs set up by the yard crew. They handled OMOO with professional care and gave her a spanking clean bottom, just the way we like it.

The top fix was on the Skipper’s ticker, which was running out of battery, his pacemaker that is. With the clock running out, he was given strict orders to “stay put,” not what a sailor wants to hear in May. But, by the end of May it was all said and done and he’s good for another 10 years!!

OMOO was on the loose today, and with a grin from ear to ear, the Skipper and his cherished lady were running smoothly once again.

We were on a mission to get to the pump out, since some visitors recently helped fill the holding tanks. Well, the crew at the fuel dock never lose their sense of humor about their new job title, sewage suckers, EWWW!! Sophia has been graciously assisting the Skipper a few times this year, and gauging the success of the pumpout by the muddy, cruddy, icky sticky goo that seems to be getting a lighter shade of “gross.”

So a clean bottom, lighter holding tanks and a quicker ticker make for a nice little run over to Burgoyne Bay, even on a cloudy day!! Buckets of rain greeted us, but we didn’t care. We’re just happy to be on a boat, it doesn’t matter where.

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Glad all is well again. Teddy sends his luv to Uncle Harold!!🦊👀❤️😊👀❤️

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