Sideways Sally

Between Boats

2022 May, YEAH!!

Spring has sprung and Sideways Sally is jumping between boats, So many boats!!

Plans change like the weather, so it is with sailors, we adjust, and adjust, and adjust we must!!

It’s been a long slog getting through to spring, winter did not want to let go. AND the world is a crazier than ever. My Community Mental Health team and I were desperate to blow out the cobwebs. We work, we play, we cry… no need to explain the obvious!

Plan A:

We planned on sailing OMOO to Howe Sound but she got stuck to land when the Skipper ended up waiting on a repair for his ticker.

SS had schemed for May Long weekend for months. I wanted to get as many people as possible on a sailboat and go chase some wind. It’s the biggest kick ever to introduce newbies to sailing. My wonderful work crew were so excited, and I could not bare to disappoint.

Instead of wandering across the Salish Sea, SS stayed in the Big Stink adjusting her schemes. So…

Plan B:

Eleven people signed on for an afternoon sail, and SS makes an even dozen. Suz and Oscar on TARKA – home port Horseshoe Bay, were also available for a rendezvous!

OH YAAA, we made it happen. Suz found a charter company out of Squamish and viola, the new sailing plan evolved. We all get by with a little help from our friends. The BIG boat was booked and we all headed to Squamish. We piled into TARKA after everyone arrived for serapy (no that is not a typo) and giggles.

We got so lucky with Mother Nature granting us a reprieve from a cold rainy spring. We jumped on the Catalina 41′ with crew Harli, Dave and Alison from Canadian Coastal Sailing.

Without a doubt we had the best wind on a sunny day, in beautiful Howe Sound, with a safe and educational crew. Anyone that wanted to take the wheel or winch were welcome to pitch in.

We tied up to a log boom for some snacks and some “crazy kids” jumped into the ocean. It’s most refreshing when youth and exuberance splashes onto those around them.

SS sat back and enjoyed every minute, watching the excitement and pleasure on everyone’s faces. It was a completely delightful afternoon full of rich moments and deep satisfaction.

Grab a fav bevvy and come along!!

Thank you so much, Harli, Dave and Alison, Canadian Coastal Sailing!!

Next trip is Prince Rupert to Petersburg, Alaska. I will join Hermitage who is currently in Port Hardy and waiting to round Cape Caution and proceed north on the Inside Passage.

SS will be jumping aboard soon, Here we come June!!

Hermitage in Port Neville

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Hey SS, nice little vid. You should do more of that. Well done IMHO. I’m afraid those waters are much too cold for me. I’ve got my electric motor, battery bank and panels installed. Goint for a test spin this week. Fair Winds

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