Sitting in the Cockpit

There’s nothing like sitting in the cockpit watching the world go by. Mother Nature provides the backdrop for the marina as it plays an orchestra of sounds.

Halyards tinkling in the breeze, docks creaking as they ride the tide. The shrill of the kingfisher diving for breakfast in a flash of feathers. A raucous screech of the heron as it glides downward to the shore at low tide. The chirp of young eagles, answered by the long trilling call from the parents is like a well timed chime, ringing the dinner bell.

Bald eagles return to the Pacific Northwest in spring.

Raindrops pelting on the bimini while the wind builds and mooring lines tighten. Flags stiffen and flap. Otters scuffle and plop, scurrying along in their hunt for food and a special spot to poop. The soft swoosh of a seal surfacing, blowing bubbles and taking a breath.

The docks comes to life with people going to and from their boats with wheelbarrows stacked precariously. Boat cushions, life jackets and beer.

Children skipping excitedly, squealing with delight when peering into the shadows under the dock, spotting a purple starfish clinging to a piling, anemones swaying in the current, or a herring ball dazzling in the shadow of a boat.

The best part is, in any weather, friends pop in to say hello.

Hershey and Vic, our friendly and amazing boat neighbor. We love long chats in the cockpit.

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Thank you Mr. Brown! The marina is certainly calling me home to prepare for summer sailing. I can’t wait. Hope you get to yours again soon as well!! Take good care, it’s kinda crazy out there.

There’s that gift of the gab coming through again Sally. Most enjoyable reading. Who is this Vic character??? Love. Scott.

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