Sideways Sally

Saturday morning coffee.

Finally… back to a lazy Saturday morning, coffee is on.

It’s been a slog, Sideways Sally is no longer friends with March. She’s been sliding into depression from too much bad stuff going on in the world. Trying to write, over and over, but negativity translates poorly.

She needed a stern talking to herself. She’s been there before. So the conversation goes like this: You’re tough, you know what to do. You know how to chunk it down, put one foot in front of the other. You know eventually you get there. You’ve never been patient. You do things too fast. You make a plan and get it done. There’s too much that’s been out of control for too long. The external world does not get an invitation to the internal world, so it sneaks in a secret door. The spirit is strong, but the mind is a freak. Emotions unleashed, words come out wrong. Learn to be quiet, and listen. Stop talking. Be strong. You’re tired.

So, back to endless cups of coffee on a Saturday morning, laundry is in. Perch on your bed munching Saturday morning snacks. The window is open and the air is refreshing. The good news is…

The west coast is in bloom, the sun is shining, daffodils are softly dancing in the spring breeze, boats are getting ready for summer sailing.

SS, FOCUS and turn to the sea!! Patiently wait for it to take you away, to that peaceful place where your mind is free.


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Excellent prose as usual Sally!! Hope all is good for you and Teddy’s favorite Uncle.!!!! Teddy will be up there Thursday to check out the cookie jar…

Thank you Scott. I always appreciate your warm response. I’ll be back to the boat this wkd. Hope all is well with you and the house mates. Take good care.

Yep Sideways, the world is hard to embrace right now. Old tankerous types here in the marina lambast me for worrying about events out of my control. I say there exists special cases where being disgusted with some world events warrent concern. Fair Winds.

I too have friends and colleagues who prefer to bury their heads in the sand, but fair enough, if you don’t know what’s happening it’s less stressful. However, I like to know what’s going on and what we’re dealing with. Ignorance is bliss but what if everybody did that? I have client’s in mental health who are affected by what goes on in the world, I want to be informed so I can support where I can. Colleagues and friends have relatives in those countries most effected. It never really ends. Thanks for your kind words.

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