Sideways Sally

Cat litter

The house is on fire

we’re fighting

who’s changing the cat litter

Cat doesn’t care

while pouncing on the dare


soft kitten snare

making a mess

purring along

so strong

bed is warm

belly is full


one eye open

half asleep

waiting to creep

fresh cat litter

I know this is the weirdest analogy, but prose work when normal words don’t. It feels like there is an invasion of insanity, mornings are more bizarre everyday. People’s nerves are frayed, and we are irritable. We’re tired and have had enough, we quibble over nothing, or everything.

It gives me a need to make a list. What really matters, and what is noise for no reason. To be together again after two years this spring, in the best season. This is my focus, family, friends, love and peace, and staying away from fighting about cat litter. That is my list.

Canada, my home land strong and free. Never have I felt that I took that for granted. But when nothing makes sense, I look to our people, our leaders and the renewed strength during any crisis, any challenge.

And I can breath again.

PS. I don’t have a cat.

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