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Lately, you have not been letting me sleep. I’m watching my beautiful peaceful country becoming embroiled in an impasse. My people are hurting themselves and hurting each other. We don’t mean to, and we will apologize, but everything is so mixed up right now that we don’t know what to do.

I watch and I wait, like Sideways Sally, my mind takes off in all direction. My common sense side of the brain can’t stop thinking about how much omicron loves a crowd. My brain wants to go have a drink with Prime Minister, and make it a JT, (Justin Trudeau), for those disliking the flavor, it’s better than all the rest. I’ll tell him how much I love him and ask him to resign, but only if all the fuckers, I mean truckers get vaccinated and go home.

We are not going to win this, and it’s a dangerous game.

Covid, Delta, and Omicron are laughing and having an orgasm in the back row.

We are pretty used to winning. We’ve had the best odds. We’ve lived through the best times. We’ve always had plenty. There’s been challenges: disasters that have taken lives, floods, fires, tornadoes, unemployment, inflation and 35 thousand covid deaths. We’ve had the health, wealth and the knowledge to fix, or mend most of our problems.


We’ve seriously fucked up caring for our elderly, our Indigenous and our mentally ill. We locked them up or lock them out and threw them to the wolves. But the wolves run free and have lots to eat. YUP, the H.A. run the ports, and the drug dealers have profited beyond belief, right in front of our eyes.

The private care industries make their dirty money by ignoring the needs of our seniors. The mismanagement of our mental health system is fodder for the wolves who get fatter and fatter. Did I mention they get away with it right in front of our eyes??

The last stage of this pandemic is completely unknown. Is COVID-19 endemic?

“Officials from the World Health Organization have warned that it is too early to treat COVID-19 as an endemic disease, stressing that the evolution of the virus is uncertain and noting that on a global scale the pandemic continues to rage. Jan 29, 2022”

It doesn’t matter what any of us do, it’s really hard to stop an orgasm.

So how the hell can anyone make decisions when there are no magic formulas for the pathway forward? To keep things simple. Yes we all hate our lives the last two years. The stress on our medical systems, our health, our jobs, our economy, education system, individual and collective mental health is immeasurable.

We all miss going to our favorite places that sustain our body and souls. That can be the gym, the church, the pub, the rink, Tim Horton’s, you name it for Canadians. WE LIKE TO GET TOGETHER.

This is what we are seeing right now in Ottawa, people gathering together that have similar passions, beliefs and dreams. The common ground that they so boldly display invites the world to join in. That’s an amazing thing. That’s an amazing part of who we are as a country. People around the world can’t believe what’s happening, and neither can we. Something does not belong here, something is very wrong.

Truckers are our modern day knights in shining armor. They sustain our food chains, medical supplies, bring us fuel to keep us warm in our cold Canadian winter, and cool in our blazing hot summers. We can’t live without you.

Human nature gives us the ability to be strong and resilient. We have the freedom to choose our perspective on the challenges we face. We have a population of 38 million. We have 34 million vaccinated people. We have a few thousand having a temper tantrum.

When it comes to a pandemic, we are toddlers. We’re trying to learn a new and exciting way to get around, after having enough of sliding down the stairs on our bums. There’s lots of advice and encouragement on what’s the best way to walk, we have gadgets that prop us up and contain us in safe places so we can’t get hurt. We lay on the floor kicking and screaming when we can’t get our way. When we get what we want by having a fit, it encourages us to have an even bigger fit next time. The good part about a tantrum is all the attention it gets. The bad part of a tantrum is that if it lasts too long it gets harder and harder to calm down, wears everybody out around you. And makes us not fun to be around. When we learn that having a tantrum put us in a time out, it makes us think about our actions and make better choices.

It gets so confusing when there’s too much information that my mind can’t keep up. We feel like we don’t quite have control over what happens next, cause we don’t. Then we get brave and try again. Then for no apparent reason we get bitch slapped again by Mother Nature, omicron is just pissing us off.

We are learning many many things during this interesting period of time in our country. Most of us have not lived long enough to go through the last pandemic. We are learning what our family, friends and neighbors are thinking and how they’re behaving. We’re learning how to stir up so many issues in one pot that it gets too thick and starts to burn.

When we lick the spoon it tastes like crazy shit burnt soup. Our peaceful, democratic country is burning the bottom of the pot. On the side there’s a loaf of depression and anxiety, it’s all really expensive.

Thank God we legalized marijuana. That was perfect timing. It does help me sleep…

A nurse and a trucker hold hands. Drawing by my four year old granddaughter Wendy Jean.


Howdy hey there Sideways, you nailed it once again.
A very interesting read.
Once again I’m feeling better about getting my sloop off-the-grid.
I installed Starlink this week and looking into getting a Sat phone.
I’m also looking at crypto (coinbase) that will guarantee at some financial stability when at sea.
Yes, I’m very surprised at Canada and many EU countries compared to when I lived there have swung hard to the right.
Scary times indeed.
Fair Winds

We are naive and misled. Unfortunately we are not immune to the under currents of extremists in this white land. It saddens me, more so in that we do not educate ourselves but rely on social media to feed us. Interesting and dangerous times. I’m with you on the escape plan!!

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