Sideways Sally

The Giant Spotlight

the play called “Pandemic”


written and directed by

“the pandemic”

the spotlight finds the performers

doing the spotlight’s job

forcing attention

revealing the stage

like a powerful play

no one can look away

while they disappear

into the darkness

surrounding the spotlight

whispering and waiting

for the play to move on

for the light to be gone

Canada is the stage

a peace loving country

things aren’t moving fast

stuck in a gridlock

hoping this won’t last

for those sitting quietly

in the seats

wondering about the cast

the play is three parts

first we applauded the nurses

second we applauded the truckers

third is desperately

seeking the past

which is gone

a pandemic stops for no one

the spotlight waits restlessly

for the last part of the play

when it will happen

no one can say

the house lights come on

the spotlight fades away

standing now

in the light for all

applause for the players

their roles were defined

by these difficult times

to be seen and be heard

we all stand waiting

the performers

holding their hands

together they bend

into the light

shining brightly for all

to go home

and be safe

waiting for the pandemic

to write the end

IN A PERFECT WORLD – My grandaughter Wendy colored this picture. She had a little help from her Mom Chelsea. I am proud.

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