January Jumpback to Humpbacks

Humpback whales swarm OMOO on a warm summer day in Desolation Sound. These magnificent creatures are coming back in steadily climbing numbers. They are curious and love to come close to say HI!!

Grab a morning cup of coffee and enjoy this exciting video taken by our loyal friend and crew, Ken Wilson. Thanks so much Ken. What a thrill!!

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Thanx G, I’m glad you enjoyed it. The humpback population has grown in numbers in the last five years. We see one almost every day when we sail in northern waters. Last summer one came right to the end of Maple Bay at the marina. We were sitting on the stern deck watching the world go by and he/she popped up to say Hi, they are so very curious. It is such a privilege to experience these magnificent creatures. Cheers from Canada! PS, heading to Manitoba in a week, brrrrr.

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