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Happiness and Perseverance…

go hand in hand. Perseverance gives results, which ends up in satisfaction, satisfaction leads to happiness.

per·se·ver·ance – persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

I took a drive along the shores of English Bay today and thoughts of the journey to the sea washed through me.

I’ve read about many people who work hard and save to buy a sailboat, give up their worldly possessions to move aboard. There is no better feeling than getting out on the ocean and relaxing while watching the sunset..

Perseverance is what it takes to get there. Buying a boat is not for the faint of heart. It takes some hard knocks (on the hull, no pun intended) and a thorough survey to get all the answers to the mystery of a new to you sailboat.

Resilience is a trait that gives one the will to go on, especially when the “dream boat” turns into a nightmare. So many things can delay, or ruin setting out to chase the wind. Many moving parts inside and outside to consider each and every day.

Why do people stick it out? Because it’s freedom, plain and simple. Living on the highway to the world, with no home address appeals to the adventurous gypsy in each of us.

Did you ever meet a really cranky boater who hates their floating life? Likely not, cause they wouldn’t be there if that were the case. So we float around, one big happy bunch of sailors.

When boaters are stuck to land, for whatever reason, we dream of the day we’ll be back out there. It makes living on land more tolerable. It makes doing everything we need to do to make ocean voyages all more worthwhile.

I walked down to the ocean on a sunny winter afternoon, feeling akin to the boats in English Bay. Knowing how it feels to bob along this shore felt so surreal. I’ve looked across the water to Kitsilano Beach so many times.


As we sail into English Bay.

Looking from the sea

the beach beckons me.

The land

and the sand

comfort me

We’re together

in time

walking along the shore

soothing my mind


I’ll be back on the sea

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An inspiring post at a minimum. I know the tune but has been ages since I heard it and reflecting upon the lyrics’ ‘Sea’ theme. I agree the Sea is the only true Freedom in spite of the trials of boat ownership. Fair winds.

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