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Life on the Ocean.

Life is like being deep under the water, salty, mysterious, adventuresome, dangerous. A constant flow with the tides, clinging on to beauty, releasing waves of emotion.

Mornings, waking to soft sunlight and smooth reflections leave a sense of wonder. What will the day bring? What will each moment feel like as it caresses or destroys the peacefulness within?

I’m joyous, in my bubble here in my cozy Saturday morning. I’ve spent the week supporting, propping up and caring. It makes me happy. I’m rich, not in the monetary sense that lambasts the eyes every time I open a screen or turn on the tube. I’m wealthy in shared human experience.

From the mad to the sublime, I live in that world. Connected, to the depths of unbelievable darkness and suffering, to the height of believable truth and light. Shining like the morning sun, into a small crack, letting the light in.

It’s a hurried and worried world out there. Rushing into unmanaged expectations, addicted to feelings. Reaching for the bottle, the pill, or the needle that gambles with the game of life. To get to that feeling. The feeling that life makes sense, has purpose and meaning. It’s a sham, that we can attain that with external pleasures.

It is the season of heightened longing, to feel love wrapped in a bow, with crumbling expectations. Year after year, seasons change and remain the same. The horizon visible, yet invisible. Challenging the perspective and the will to go on.

WOW, I’m rambling. Thanks for listening. It’s such a wild reality. I feel so alive uncovering all the layers of one week. In my mind and my soul I feel so grateful, joyful, and rich.

My wonderful Skipper is joining me for Christmas in a lovely condo belonging to dear friends. We will be pet sitting their precious babies as they entrust their home to us. The Skipper will be in puppy heaven, and I will be cooking and baking my heart out. Friends will come and share themselves and their life stories. Family will visit via video. Life is good.

To all our friends and family. Be safe, be well. We love you.

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Thank you Rita, I have been writing a book for a few years. I’m working toward my retirement project. Have a Happy and Safe Holiday!

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