The Skipper

SAFETY FIRST with Fire Boy by Xintex

Hershey is working on his current project which is installing a propane sensor which turns the flow off in case of a leak. The way this works is the sensor is attached to the electrical panel which will turn the power off to the solenoid – a coiled wire that creates a magnetic field that has a shaft in it that has a spring that allows the propane to flow. When the power is off it turns the flow off. We always manually turn the breaker for propane off as soon as we are done cooking, while leaving the flame burning on the stove. This way we can see the flame die as a result of the solenoid closing the valve that shuts of the propane. This also is a way to check that the solenoid is working and in fact shuts off the propane. The sensor is an extra safety feature also has an alarm in it to warn of the leak.

Propane leaks are one reason boats blow up and why boats can be so dangerous. When propane leaks it collects in the bilge, in houses it settles in the basement, in an RV it goes through the cracks and holes and out onto the ground.

The wiring for this sensor which was placed behind the stove, runs under the floor over to the control panel, which is approximately 12 feet away and then up to the panel, which ends up to be 14 feet. The Skipper is following the path of the filler of the water tank, then the tubes for the hot water tank to the shower. The conduits with the existing wires are useful for adding more wires. The system the Skipper uses to get the wire through is to tie a string to the wire he’s trying to feed, then picks up the string with the vacuum and pulls the wire through.

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