Stirring up some shit

This a perfectly shitty timing… Guest blog from Mexico is making me very jealous. You know that tank is gonna have some extra kick! Please enjoy Sue Peck on S/V Cariba in Canada or S/V Calidras in Mexico. The adventures never end!

OMOO real talk…

Sideways Sally returned to OMOO on a stormy weekend to help the Skipper unplug one of my holding tanks. It’s been plugged for awhile now and it’s getting pretty smelly. Being this constipated is not recommended. The Skipper isn’t bothered too much, he’s migrated to the V-berth and is working on plugging up that holding tank. His main gig is to research how to solve a problem, then let his brain contemplate it. The answer usually comes to him at 3 am.

They were in and out of the cockpit hauling up the pressure washer onto the top deck. Man, they were noisy.

Things had been pretty quiet as they usually are until she gets here. The music starts up while the coffee is brewing. Then comes the news and all the yapping about what’s going on in the world. I don’t care to hear it cause I’m in my bubble just floating up and down with the tides. They’re talking about the water flooding this and that, and how will people get to places they wanna go. Seriously??? I’m built for travelling on all this water they’re talking about.

I feel this great sploosh when she puts the pressure washer down the top of the tank…. then it starts gushing out the air vent. That’s a problem!! It’s supposed to gush out the bottom valve. Hmmmm….

Next she pours some goopy stuff in the top and they leave. They’re always going here and there to meet their tribe. It’s a strange thing to watch. They talk about all their people when they come back. It’s always entertaining to hear who did what, and what’s happening next. She’s a social butterfly, and he goes along, happy as if they are normal.

The next day she’s back on the deck sticking that long black thing back into the stinky tank and spraying shit everywhere… it’s still not going out the bottom. There’s alot of cursing and ‘f-bombs and she’s outta there.

In a couple of hours she’s back, this time pouring something powdery into the hole. She closes up the stinky hole and gets back inside. Soon enough, off they go again, party party party. The next day the whole rigamaroll repeats itself. I’m getting a little bored with this but she’s stubborn and never gives up. Once she sets her mind to something it’s a no win situation for anyone else. In this case it’s a good thing, cause I’m enjoying the shitty tank as much as everyone else.

Sideways Sally gets to Maple Bay via Harbor Air

When she sprays the next day, viola!!!

(The meaning of voilà is —used to call attention, to express satisfaction or approval, or to suggest an appearance as if by magic.)

The ending of the story is better than expected. Thank you “Go-Flex” for the bubbly party inside my holding tank. You are amazing and I feel so much better getting rid of the icky sticky stuff.

SS found NOFLEX at Lake’s Marine in Duncan, BC. It is AMAZING!!

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I sympathize with you OMOO.. The two of them are definitely from a different galaxy then the rest of us. Hang in there, it will eventually make some kind of sense. That’s a good boat.. Glad the laxative worked for you.. Give them both a hug for me and Teddy..

I love that you “get us.” I wonder how that happened! Luv you man, and my offer still stands… hahaha.

OMOO is definitely happier if not the Hoomans. Nice tip on the NoFlex. Googling Zaal NoFlex I read several interesting articles on the substance. Notwithstanding: nothing of what I read gave any insight as to why the label: NoFlex…? (LAFF). Without fully understanding I’m sold on the product and will nav right over to just to avoid Amazon…! Good to hear from OMOO and hopeful for the vessels future and her sailors. 🙂

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