Saturday on Granville Island

Between the flower pots and the bakery the Busker sings a lovely French melody that matches the mood today. After all the rain this week colors jump out, while a little summer sunshine hangs off the changing leaves.

The work in the boatyard never ends.

The Pirate Ship is loading up with some tipsy grown up kids who are out for some fun in costume in a pretend world.

All aboard!!

We haven’t been out to enjoy any favorite restaurants, so SS brought a five star meal to the boat. Sirloin steak, smothered in mushrooms and onions, with a potato pouch and corn on the cob, and the most delish bread, all from the markets on Granville Island. I’m never leaving!!

With our amazing views between the bridges and the best marina to spend time at in Vancouver, we are ever so grateful for this month of transition from our summer sailing to our winter homes. We love you False Creek, Fisherman’s Wharf and Granville Island!!

So Sideways Sally will try to blend into the city for the winter, getting through this pandemic like everyone else, just keeping on keeping on.

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