Sunsets to City

UPDATE: 48North published the 2nd article in a set of 3 I submitted. Have a peek!

It’s been a month of transition for OMOO and crew. Sideways Sally is back to doing a job she luv luv luvs. The Skipper is into project mode and taking advantage of the city dock with extra good amperage for the tools and equipment. Along with some new boat neighbors to chat up, he’s a happy camper.

YES, we are being super Covid cautious… Masks, disinfectant, taxi to work and back, and no late night clubbing. We did brave the masked multitudes at Canadian Tire yesterday to get an air filter to tape to the fan to filter boat air. The Skipper found it terrifying until SS took him for a coffee and cookie treat. I’m not sure what scared him the most, SS driving a Shared-Modo van, dodging mad drivers, or the crazy old white guys that won’t wear masks.

The smart filter we got can read the air quality via bluetooth so our phone can tell us how we’re doing. We can’t smell smoke!! This is a good sign, the fan/filter has been proven to work over the previous years of forest fires.

Now, we sit on a Sunday morning sipping our coffee for hours, chatting with kids, grans and friends. Well, we were interrupted by the mobile poop pumper who came to empty our tank.

By late afternoon there’s some lamb chops marinating, we’ve caught up on the latest news from family, the CBC and of course, whatever social media is spewing.

Here’s some favorite sunsets, sunrises and people!!

Fisherman’s Wharf has always been good to us, we enjoy the friendly and helpful staff, and the working boats are impressive!

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Love reading all your posts! Miss you both on the dock but it looks like you both are enjoying your stay in Vancouver!! See you when you get back!

Thanks Lynn, my most faithful follower. We are making the most of it here since the other option is to whine, whine whine. We’d rather wine. So far so good at work with lots of PPE, no in person appointments and safe protocols for urgent visits/outreach.

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