Whales, Dolphins and Bears

I’ve learned it’s really hard to get good pics of humpbacks.  These guys are everywhere south of the Dent Rapids, this one had a baby with her and what a show it was as we sped past them at 11 KNOTS with the current.  No chance of slowing down unless we wanted to go back through the rapids as the tide changed.

DSCN4437 (2)

The first week of August has been full of  awesome surprises.  We left the Broughton Archipelago, bidding it farewell from Lagoon Cove.  We left the most awesome sights of our summer sailing, we thought….

Preparing to go through the rapids and timing our passage as we left Shoal Bay we were accompanied by the “bullet dolpins” which is what I call these black and white creatures that dart back and forth under the bow and pop up to say hello.

The next surprise was a bear on the shore in Port Neville as we ducked out of some headwinds on Johnstone Strait.  We headed into the back roads to bypass the strong currents and winds against us and anchored in Foreward Harbor, one of our old favorites.  Coming out the next morning we squeaked past the tugs and logbooms starting their tow in Welborne Channel.

We needed some supplies so after Green Point Rapids we docked at Blind Bay Resort and treated ourselves to dinner and live music at their attractive restaurant.  YUMMY!!

We stopped in Van an Dop Inlet (pretty sure that’s spelled wrong) and then Gorge Harbor which turned into a bit of a fiasco.  A boat came in with a jib sheet hanging over the side and jammed their prop, causing the engine to cease just in front of us.  They quickly dropped their anchor just before dark. I’m sure they were relieved to hear us call on the VHF to help them solve their problem.  The next morning one of the lady crew jumped in the water and untangled the line, and the motor started right up.

Later on we were relaxing in the cockpit after getting laundry done, and our neighbor stopped by on their kayak to tell us there is a rock near us.  We fired up the chart plotter to have a look and sure enough, it’s too close for comfort.  Up came the anchor and because it was so crowded near the marina we went to the far end of Gorge Harbor where there was this treasure anchored.DSCN4457

We are at Heriot Bay and woke up to a Humpback feeding along the edges of the shallow water.  What a wonderful way to start the day!!  I can truly say the sights since leaving the Broughtons have been a very pleasant surprise.

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