The Last Freedom

OMOO continues to wander around the Broughtons, looking for spots we haven’t been, and there are plenty.  The familiar marinas for fuel and provisions are well spaced out and accessible between jaunts into the wilderness, it’s a perfect way to explore the area.

We stopped at Sullivan Bay and had a lovely evening chatting with the crew from High Seas Drifter, a boat built in 1942 war time for torpedo retriever out of Shearwater, B.C.  The current Captain has used her for crew during forestry work and is now retired and had the family on board.  She attracts alot of attention so we chatted with the group of men that came to admire.  Have a look at her here:


Next stop was Kwatsi Bay in Tribune Channel, another favorite from past visits.  Thompson Sound was recommended by sailors we met at Sullivan Bay, and away we went.


The highlight of an anchorage like this is experiencing the vast wilderness, and being the only humans around for miles.  This is so amazing that we can do this.  The Skipper comments often how it is “The Last Freedom.”

Sideways Sally is enthralled with the wildlife and the changing views as OMOO dances at anchor.DSCN4322 (2)

I woke to the sounds of spashing outside the hull and knew the dolphins were circling.  The Sound was filled with these delightful creatures playfully diving under the boat or jumping up to say hello.



Today we are back at Lagoon Cove, and starting to head slowly south again, winding our way back through the rapids to Desolation Sound.  The Broughtons are waiting for another year of boaters, as this year has been a tough one for many marinas, with no American boats.  We have to admit, it’s been nice having Canada to ourselves.


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Glad all is well with you two. Great story. Congrats on the 48 North thing. You are on your way to fame and fortune. Teddy awaits the day his uncle gets home. He will be on the dock with baited breath. 🦊🦊❤️❤️

Back to Blind Bay Marina with a bit of wifi. Thanx for congrats on writing. Pacific Yachting accepted another article for September!! Working on my retirement project is fun!! Heading for Vancouver Sept 1 when I go back to work. Waaaaaa.

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