Lacey Falls 2020

LUV LUV LUV the Broughtons, and this is why…

Tribune Channel treats us to the most spectacular waterfalls, pods of dolphins, snow capped mountain peaks, slate colored cliffs, and the list goes on and on. We headed off the dock at Lagoon Cove early in the day. This means 1:00 pm for us, lazy days suit us very well. It’s approximately a four hour trip and we took our time, stopping to watch the pods of dolphins popping up off the bow, and gazing lovingly at Lacey Falls.

We rounded the turn that opens up the view for Lacey Falls and found “Squirt” hanging out at the base of the falls. After a few moments of jaw dropping gazing at the falls, we backed away to give them room and take some extra photos.

Every time we’ve been to Lacey Falls it’s completely different. The water tap gets turned on full, or half way, or not at all. We’ve been very lucky to visit when it’s gushing and disappointed when there’s nothing. It’s always worth the trip to check it out.

Squirt hailed us on the VHF after we left the falls and asked if they could send us pics they’d taken of OMOO.  “Of course, we’d like that!!” we answered.  And this is what boating is all about, awesome people in awesome places.  We’ll swap photos and hopefully meet up with Squirt again somewhere.


A short distance later we spot a blow just off the Burwood Group, near Echo Bay. The illusive humpback teased us, sounding forever, no where to be seen. Just as we gave up I spotted the blow again waaaay off in the opposite side of the channel. Sigh… A few more dolphins entertained us as we powered up and headed to Echo Bay.

We checked in with the staff that Pierre had working there for the last few years.  It’s not gonna be the same, but everything changes and we’re happy Pierre and Tove have found a happy home to retire too.   The First Nations of Gilford Island have purchased the marina and we wish them the best in the future years, Covid-19 year being a tough start.

Gilford Island First Nation buys Pierre’s Marina Lodge

OF NOTE!!  Billy had a valve replacement last year after he was rushed to hospital in Victoria.  Some children had gone for a walk to visit Billy and saw him take a fall.  So they ran back to Pierre’s and alerted the staff.  Sam whipped over in his boat, then called the Coast Guard.  This summer Billy is taking a break from his museum and visitors.  He doesn’t want to invite the virus!!  He is 85 after all…  Hope to see you next year Billy!!

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Love your pictures and stories. Brings happy memories our way of times past. You two are amazing, So glad you are having such a happy time. 🙂

Love and hugs,
Jo and Mike xo

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