Eagles and Bagpipes

I can’t help myself.  It’s 0600 and “GiderdunII” is loaded up and leaving the harbor and  the kingfisher is busy diving off the spreader. Sideways Sally is sipping coffee in the cockpit with a wee bit of internet and a wee bit of delightful sun peeking over her shoulder.


Last night was a spectacular mix of visual and audio!!  The bagpiper of Lund graced us for an evening concert from the shore.  Draped in her long kilt with the setting sun reflecting off the greenery she was simply splendid.


Then the eagles started fishing off the dock next to us, all with the evening sun changing the light every single second.  Sideways Sally had to pinch herself.

DSCN3979 (2)

Look at those tallons!!  SS wished the evening could last forever.  She never wants to leave Lund!!

The shimmering silver diamonds reaching across the water are mesmerizing.


For those who have never been, it’s a must on the Sunshine Coast.  It is a destination we can’t wait to get to every time we head north.  There’s Nancy’s bakery, Historic Lund Hotel, and a brand new store fully stocked with Native art and clothing and the largest wine selection since Nanaimo.

SS is feeling so grateful and so lucky to be in this place.  There is a calm sense of normalcy about being somewhere so familiar.  There are more than a few characters that hang out here and we’ve gotten to know them.  There’s Charlie, whose long white beard and smiling eyes are welcoming.  Everyone knows him and greets him when he arrives in his skiff from across the water.

There’s an “Ode to Joe” on the bulletin board.  It says “A sailor cannot learn to sail on calm water.”  When OMOO first arrived to Lund almost 10 years ago, Joe caught our lines and said “OMOO, I have that book.”  The Skipper was astonished, no one he’d ever met had heard of OMOO.  Joe told us all about Herman Melville’s second book called OMOO, about a wandering whale.  The first book is “Moby Dick” whom most are familiar with.  “I think I still have the book at home, I’ll look for it for you.”  He also mentioned how much he liked our heavy dock lines, “not like the dental floss some boaters use.”  We got to know Joe that stop over, he spoke 6 or 7 languages and was a jack of all trades.  On subsequent visits he was not around, but the locals told us he’d gone fishing, or was driving the water taxi.

SS soon learned from the current wharfinger that Joe passed away last year from cancer.  It brought tears to her eyes and a lump in her throat.  Joe was as large as life, friendly as the day is long, and full of energy.  SS remarked to the Skipper, “why does cancer get the good guys?”

The truly beautiful life we lead is precious, and tender.  While we have this day, we may not have tomorrow and that is the message from Lund on this stunning morning.

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