COVID-19 and Summer Sailing 2020

Outrunning the virus…  From the East Coast to the West Coast this Skipper is experienced in dealing with many medical issues.  This summer we’re isolating on OMOO, which is an idyllic way to deal with the pandemic.  It is also not all that different than what we normally love to do.

For all of you that are new to our blog, (which by the way made 437 views in 10 countries last week so THANK YOU!!) the Skipper had spent most of last summer in the hospital with a hole in his upper intestine. It took 6 weeks to find it, repair it, and stabilize him.  Due to having Marfans he  lives with significant medical issues and he’s like a cat with 9 lives,  he’s using his 5th life now.  See post “The Day That Changed my Life.”

Therefore, with COVID-19 we’re super cautious.  His immune system is wrecked, and Sideways Sally is a Psych Nurse who works in Vancouver.  She took 6 months off work to run away from the virus.  This spring he had pneumonia which was not Covid related, and recovered after two rounds of antibiotics.   This explains why we are beyond ecstatic to be back out summer sailing 2020!!

Long and lanky, great for cleaning the mast!


We’re anchored in Garden Bay today which is in Pender Harbor on the Sunshine Coast.

DSCN3831 (2)


For those of you reading this from far away lands, it is the West Coast of Canada.  We are on our way to some of the most beautiful cruising sites in the world.  With deep fiords between majestic mountains, plentiful sea life, whales and dolphins, it is paradise.

For this prairie girl, the gardens of Garden Bay and Pender Harbor are exquisite.  I pinch myself every time I’m near a palm tree!!


It looks like we’re in for a treat with boat gawking today, which is an amazing activity with front row seats, and we’re almost on the stage!!  The Royal Vancouver Yacht Club outstation is getting ready for Canada Day Shenanigans.  So here’s a toast to the most amazing boat that’s pulled in yet, Lazee Gal.

DSCN3841 (2)
Lazee Gal is a custom 63′ Grenfell motor yacht. Commissioned by a Vancouver businessman in the early 1950’s, Lazee Gal was designed and built by legendary builder Thornton Grenfell.

The working boats of Pender Harbor are intriguing with their fishing, crabbing and prawning gear.  The hard working men and women on these boats come up the ramp, soiled clothes with sweat and saltwater. leaving their vessels for the ravens to invade.

Stay tuned for the CANADA DAY CELEBRATIONS.  We feel honored to sail under this great flag.

Good friend and crew Barb Christie (2019)




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