Sleeping in the rain.

Remember the sound of sleeping in a tent in the rain?  Ahhhh, the fresh smell, the drops come slowly at first, then faster with little rivers  running down the side of the tent.  Then waking up to birds chirping and stepping out into the morning sun.  If you were lucky you had a good tent with a fly, pitched on a small hill, if you weren’t it was a dreadful night in a soggy sleeping bag.

Sideways Sally and the Skipper luv lounging in the cockpit and listening to the sound of the rain on the bimini, especially in an anchorage.  Then falling asleep with the rain hitting the cabin while we’re warm and cozy in our berths.  It puts us right to sleep.

OMOO traveled north to Nanaimo on a rainy day last week, anchored in the harbor close to Mark Bay.  We tucked in beside the marine park, south of the reef adjacent to Newcastle Island and just east of a couple of little sailing dingys on moorings.  No other boats could drop anchor close to us, it was perfect.  We had back row seats to the whole harbor and entertaining it was.

DSCN3655 (2)

Boats came and went to Newcastle, busy busy!!

Just as SS remarked to the Skipper,  nothing can come behind us, we’re too close to the rocks, when SMACK, a Beneteau 50, so big and beautiful ran aground.  I heard it before I saw it, looked up and saw the crew at the bow pointing to the rocks they could see just below the water.  The helmsman must have panicked, he turned the wheel, revved it, and hit again.  Someone came over in a dingy and encouraged them to just sit and wait for the tide to lift the boat.  Very shortly the wind turned the boat around enough that they were able to back off the rock and wind their way backwards through the boats on moorings in the marine park.

SS felt so bad for the Skipper and crew, and even worse for the boat.  What a way to ruin your day, and with the whole bay watching.  UGGG.  She only hopes they did not suffer extensive damage to the keel and hull.

So OMOO is off to Desolation and beyond.  We’re very excited.  If you haven’t bought the June issue of Pacific Yachting yet, borrow one or pick it up to see a bunch of G-Dockers at one of our pot-lucks back in the day when we had no social distancing to worry about.

Luv you all and miss those days.  Stay safe and well.  See you on the flipside!!


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