If I ever get to Heaven…

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There is a place we call home, and it’s not a fixed latitude or longitude.  OMOO floats with the wind and currents in this unsettled time.  She’s safe and warm, where ever we drop the hook.  We are waiting and watching, what will the world look like in a month, and year, a decade.

Trouble is brewing all around.  The pandemic, civil unrest, crashing markets.  The news is ever changing, and we are a small speck in the big picture.

The focus is on the “Black Lives Matter” movement in the States, brewing over the recent murder of a black man on the street, his life snuffed out in minutes by a Police Officer kneeling on his neck.  We have all seen the video.   One of the many  lives lost in a moment of violence over the last years.  Breonna Taylor, recently shot in her bed,  due to a mistaken address for someone possessing drugs.  A loyal EMT who served her community.  I would never stop seeking justice for her if I lived in that community, that country.  But we are here, in Canada, watching the demise of the greatest democracy in the world.

Numbers of Covid -19, climbing, now compounded by the protests of this tragedy.   Over 2 million today in the USA with over 114 thousand deaths.

OMOO, the Skipper and Sideways Sally are lingering near the border, Boundary Pass is withing reach and we watch and feel the waves from the tankers cruising by, as we seek shelter on this stormy day in Poet’s Cove on South Pender Island.

We came over after 3 nights at anchor to recharge our batteries and wait out a storm that was brewing.  Warm and cozy, we are hooked up to power with our heaters blasting and the electric blanket warming our bed.

We treat ourselves to a meal on land, we are one of six boats on the docks, who would normally be over run with mega yachts from the USA.  On the patio overlooking the pleasant bay we are two of eight people, including the waiters.

How long will it take till people  give up?  How long can people hold on in an economy that thrives on spending spending spending?   Is there a correction happening in the markets?  Is there a revolution happening in the streets?  Is there a force working that is more than what we can see with our naked eye?

We wait, we watch, we shelter in our bubble, from the world, from the virus, from the unrest to the south, so close but so far away.   So many questions, everyone has so much to say, but what what does it all mean, and I hate how it sounds.

We all have questions, no one seems to have the answers, but if I get to heaven, I’ll have a lot of questions.



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