See you next year!!  Thanks for some great sails across the Strait.  Yup the Salish Sea gave us some perfect winds on our travels.  That’s the best part about a change in seasons – WIND!!

We scooted across to Maple Bay via Clam Bay and landed in for a Dutch Birthday.  The Dutch do these celebrations right.  There was an abundance of family, friends, great food, awesome music, and dancing.   Thank you Fritz and Brigette for having us to your fabulous party!!

The Skipper surprised everyone when he got up and grabbed the lovely local boat detailer and broker, Bon for a jive.  What fun!!  To answer your question, cause I know your all wondering, the Skipper won’t dance with SS cause she wants to lead…

But along with the fall wind comes the drop in temperatures and FOG.  It’s spooky, beautiful and dangerous.   When it’s thick as pea soup SS gets out the horn and sits at the bow when underway.  When the fog starts to lift it’s pretty safe with the radar and AIS.

We were off the dock at False Creek Fisherman’s Wharf for our last time this year.   After dropping off a treat to the amazing staff, Turk and crew for always fitting us in to their busy harbor, we pushed off.   The winds were NW 15-20 KN with gusts.  Once out of English Bay we set the sails for a broad reach and away we went with wind and sun, HEAVEN!!

Since our destination was flexible we took advantage of the wind direction and headed for Tumbo Island Marine Park, a sweet gem and a forever favorite.  It was rock n’ roll from the swells on the Strait  when we arrived, but it settled down for night.  We woke up to thick fog and no wind so we decided Browning Harbor was our next stop.

Along with a boat party for work mates and visits to favorite anchorages, Hershey and Sideways made the most of our second summer.

Luv it when we get together with colleagues and their families.

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Hello October blog sort of soon with lots of changes to report for Sideways Sally and it’s all very good.  Thanks for joining Hershey, SS and OMOO once again.

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great to here you guys are doing well and yes another winter on it’s way tell Harold that I finally got my operation to drain the fluid from around my brain so now I am just stupid until I recover which means 2 months of doing nothing
so take care you guys and all the best
Cheers Pete

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