Rainy Day People

Here we are in a water fall in Vancouver but enjoying the company of old and new friends and listening to tunes.   We left sunny Maple Bay for one last trip to Vancouver for OMOO this year.   We had another great sail across and still can’t believe our luck with the wind on these crossings.  It was a three hour sail right into English Bay and it was so enjoyable we didn’t want to stop!!

Just before leaving Maple Bay we were refilling our propane tanks when Vic who was so helpful as always, discovered a leak in the hose fitting, so we couldn’t use the stove until we got it replaced.  There wasn’t the right fitting available so we’re on the hunt for one.  However, we can use the microwave under way or when plugged in at the dock.  On our usual stopover in Clam Bay we heated dinner in the microwave while motoring into Clam Bay and reheated it on the engine.  The Skipper always has creative solutions!!


We got up at sunrise to catch the slack at Porlier Pass and shared it with a tug and log boom.  That was a first!

add video of tug


Winds were SE 10-12 knots so we set the sails for a broad reach and got comfy.  Winds were forecast to build to 20 KN but it never happened.  At one point gusts were up to 18 KN so we reefed in preparation.  OMOO sails better upright so we scooted along at 6.5 knots, happy as can be.


Jacques and Brenda, whom Sideways met taking Power and Sail Squadron 10 years ago, drove in from Chilliwack in a downpour.  We have a tradition of a visit at Fisherman’s Wharf and getting fish and chips from Go Fish.  We’re SO glad you guys made it in again this year!!  Especially cause we got to cuddle with Milo!!  We really do need to get our own dog.

Fred the Fireman came out to entertain Milo, but Milo wasn’t so sure about him!!


SS couldn’t wait to introduce some special people to the Skipper so look who came for dinner!!DSCN2187 (2)

Thank you Steph and Jason, we’d LUV to have you come back for a sail and keep you for crew!!  We had a long discussion on how to handle sea sickness and Jason and the Skipper both suffer.  So I guess it will be me and you sailing the boat Steph!!  As we found out already, the guys won’t have any problem finding things to talk about, it’s all about engines and fixing stuff!!

So rain never stops people from boating and things are busy as ever in False Creek.  SS gears up and goes out to check things out.  The neighbors are strolling the dock and comment on the New Brunswick flag hung on our boom.  Especially the ones from PEI!!  These East Coaster’s flock together when they land on the West Coast.

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