We’ve had a few visitors in our shorter than usual summer.  SS is doing her best to pack in some guests aboard OMOO  while we have a bit of summer left and as always, it is a great pleasure for all.

This is nothing new for us, but this summer had a special feel to it.  After the Skipper’s life threatening event and hospitalization for 5 weeks, it’s such a BIG relief to get our life back to normal.   We are so, SO THANKFUL  to be getting our sea legs back and being able to entertain guests again.  We’re still recovering so the Skipper paces himself and SS has taken extra time off work to recuperate.  It’s all been a little stressful!!

Whether is on the dock in Maple Bay or off the dock and into the wind we LUV LUV LUV filling boat with friends!!

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Our first day sailors were flat landers from Manitoba!!  We sailed out of Nanaimo in a pleasant and steady NW 10 Knot breeze which was perfect for first time sailors.  It wasn’t long before one of our guests took to the wheel to get a feel for the wind in the sails.  This is a BIG THRILL for the Skipper, he loves teaching people to sail and see their enjoyment with OMOO’s performance.   So our good friend and crew Tanis, got her 65th Birthday wish from us, which was to take her family sailing.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TANIS!!  Many more sails to come again next year!!

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Usually we meet Clay and Kim out on the water in their beautiful Hans Christian SV SUNDOWN,  and we did cross paths once in Active Pass.    We met on land for the first time ever, which felt very different but awesome because we took them to the SAND BAR on Granville Island, met their son, and had a great time.  Check out this pirate!!

Kim and Clay jumped on board for an adventure for the last four years.   We crossed paths with them at Ocean Falls and went hot tubbing in natural springs till the bears got too close.  We met up again in Bella Coola and joined forces to climb the great mountain road – by 4 wheel drive that is…  We’ll be meeting up again on land since these sailors are turning back to turf in their beautiful state of Colorado.  Sundown is an absolutely beautiful Hans Christian which was immaculately maintained if you know of anyone looking for the best value per boat foot!!  Check out their website.

The Skipper often says, “The end of one party is the beginning to the next when Sideways Sally is around.”  Well he’s right, but this time his flat land friend Barb from Winnipeg joined us for 3rd trip on OMOO and we were treated both by the pleasure of her company and great sunshine.  She has been a wonderful friend of the Skipper’s for 15 years and one of his biggest supporters when he needed to recover from surgery.  They went canoeing on the river back then, and now we are very happy when she fits us into her travel plans.  She usually spends the winters travelling to Africa and other third world countries.

FSCN2068 (2)


Then of course we had her family aboard when her brother made a surprise visit from Oregon.


Barb’s brother Paul, Barb and niece Meagan chat with the Skipper

Well it’s a rainy day in Vancouver and we’re in between summer and winter.  It’s like living in a waterfall!!  So SS is off to forage for food and wine in foul weather gear.

Thank you as always for enjoying our blog.

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