Friday in the Bay

IMG_6085 (2)It’s pretty sweet being in the bay on a beautiful evening.  Even if everyone is leaving us…

We’ve never been the one’s left behind, but we don’t care, we’re just happy to experience our lovely home on the water again and take in the sights, sounds and smells of marina life and the nature around us.

It’s a good time to enjoy our back yard again.  A kayak out with neighbor Susan did not disappoint!!  Wildlife was abundant and the evening light was perfect for capturing some of it.  Thank you friend.

Today the Skipper is testing out his legs but gets exhausted after a few errands in town.  He’s raring to go but the body says “SLOW.”   More rest and iron rich food will get you there.

So red meat in the cast iron skillet with tomatoe sauce… fajitas it is!!


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