Stayin’ Alive

So there’s a simple way of living, which is “stayin’ alive.”

The Skipper has kinda perfected this, “the last ten years have been a bonus.”  Whaaaat???  “Yes he says, everyday is a bonus.”

I know you may not believe me but this is the way he lives.  It kinda “simplifies” things…. is that a word?  No idea but I’ve been privilege  to this and it’s pretty sweet, cause nothing really gets too crazy and the thing called “perspective” really comes into play.

That’s a very important choice in life… perspective.  And it’s a choice, which is something no one can take away from you.  CHOICE on perspective… It’s the proverbial “glass half full or half empty.”

Everyday the tide is in, and it is out.  The bay is empty and it is full.  Nature is always real.  And we are part of it.  Alot of life is patience, waiting for things to fall into place.  So much of learning and growing involves knowing when to push hard and when to just wait.

I’m here in the belly of OMOO, who rises and falls daily on the tides.   And I am peaceful knowing that each moment and each day is a little bit of the rhythm of nature… on which the world rides.




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