Warfarin Wars


That does sound a bit dramatic, but getting the Docs on call over the long weekend, who are looking after a hospital bursting at it’s seams, to review what it is exactly we need is a bit of a challenge.

However, the new to us Doc that wanted to order too much warfarin for Hershey yesterday was open to having a chat with us before making his order for a jump on getting on with things.    So we calmly explain our concerns, and agree to meet him half way.  What we have learned from this whole process, is to ask questions and be cautious about what happens next.  What we do want is a slow increase to a therapeutic level of clotting, and not overshoot the mark  which would increase the chance of another bleed.

Along with living in a hallway bed, sleeping or not sleeping through all the noise, and competing for the washroom with six other patients, it’s somewhat of an exhausting circus.  The nurses are always in for a treat when they get Hershey for a patient, and we find out all about them…  so many stories.   Then there’s the other patients, like a very pleasant gentleman from one of the Gulf Islands, and how he’s played soccer for his Aboriginal community, travelling all over the world, including playing in Australia against the Indigenous soccer teams there.  It all becomes part of the experience.

It was nice to get out for a walk down to the benches outside and watch a hummingbird come for a drink in the fountain in front of us.  These days of warm sunshine and blue skies make it nice to take a break outside of the hospital.

Keeping our fingers crossed that these long legs will be home and comfy back on OMOO soon.




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Thanx for that, it’s a good reminder to be patient. Sideways is used to powerful IM meds that work in 20 minutes!! Hope things are going along on Dakota. How’s Charlie??

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