in stitches

Do you know???  This is a favorite game of the skipper’s…  where  this phrase comes from?

What’s the origin of the phrase ‘In stitches‘?

To be in stitches is to be in such a paroxysm of laughter as to be in physical pain. The allusion implicit in the phrase is to that of a sharp pain – like being pricked with a needle. The phrase was first used by Shakespeare in Twelfth Night, 1602.

We are both doing stitches, not in stitches.  The stitch the Skipper had on the inside is doing the trick and he’s stable.   Hershey is still waiting for a transfer to Duncan but is comfortable in his quiet room in Victoria.   Sometimes things move slow but it does fall into place eventually.

Sideways Sally is back on OMOO for a day doing real stitching with a few projects on the list.  Stitching a new zipper in the front panels of the Dodger, and finishing the cover for our stern tie.  It’s always feels good to check something off the list.

As they say in hospitals, “Hurry up and wait.”



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