tues news

Things are moving along today.  Dr. Pai (I finally asked how to spell his name) came by to announce that he will bridge from heparin to warfarin.  Then it’s a 24 – 48 hour window for warfarin to become therapeutic before discharge.

As we know, toilet’s tell stories, and the “brown in the bottom” is a big improvement from the “black is back” scenario we had last wkd.

We are ever so grateful to the team of Docs and Nurses at the Jube, they are great to talk to and extremely competent and professional.  Not only that, but Hershey has had three left handed nurses in a row (it’s a new club – who knew).  Delightfully the right handed nurses are just as smart, and one speaks French!!

The diet is back to regular from clear fluids and Hershey is eating everything in sight. He was a hungry man.IMG_5999 (2)

Sideways Sally has finished the pillow project and sewed a cover for our stern tie out of sunbrella.  Now it’s time to go home cause she’s out of sewing projects she can do by hand.

Hopefully by the wkd we’ll be back on OMOO taking our time to get strength back in the Skipper.  We’re so thankful this happened at the beginning of summer, not in the middle and not out beyond the safety of home port.

Thank you for the visits, calls and messages.   We appreciate everyone’s support!!


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