Monday at the “Jube”




Still in Victoria, still getting great care, still experimenting.

Things are up and down.  Blood count is stable, now on heparin which got clotting count too low but getting sorted out today.  Pulse has been down to 50 which is normal for Hershey but alarms the Nurses.

Doctor Pi was in to chat and states the staple they put in will eventually be pushed along and pooped out once the scar tissue shoves them out of the way.   Hershey says no one can tell him what metal they are made of.  He also learned the french word for “stool” from his French speaking nurse.  It’s “caca” if you’re a kid or “sal” if you’re an adult.

He’s on a clear fluid diet and starving.   Hopefully only for another day so he can enjoy his oatmeal raisin cookies.  I’m sure he’s missing his hodge podge oatmeal.

For the first time Sideways Sally felt comfortable on OMOO without the Skipper.  It has been very strange coming here without him.  Last night it felt warm, relaxing and inviting .  I fell asleep watching a netflix movie, so I guess I was tired.

Sunday was a great family day!!  We had a nice time visiting with Anna and face timing with James and Catherine (Hershey’s son and wife) and grans Annie and Julia.  The girls are loving bike riding and reading.  They are soooo cute!!




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Thinking of you. Maple Bay is waiting for your return and then we’ll all be happy|! 🙂
Lv and hugs,
Joanne and Mike

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