3 times lucky

I love that old saying today better than ever!!!

Three scopes later and Dr. Pi found the bleed and put two staples in it.  He also informed Hershey that “it turns out this type of bleeding is not that uncommon for people who have been on pacemakers for a length of time and are using anticoagulants.”

It’s so relieving to know!  Now all of our worst imaginings are banished.  Like late last night we wondered if Marfans causes the intestines to deteriorate or if the chicken bone Hershey (maybe) swallowed could be ripping him apart.  Whew, not even the fall on the dock when his lawn chair went into a crack in the boards a couple of weeks ago is allowed to rattle around in our minds any longer as a possible cause for this nightmare.

It’s so nice when life gets simple again.  We still have to make sure the bleed is stopped before going back on Warfarin but hemoglobin levels climbed a little today from yesterday, so that’s a good sign.

Here at the “Jube” the scope was much longer than the one in Cowichan District Hospital so the Doctor was able to reach a part of the intestine they couldn’t previously.


IMG_5951 (2)

This lovely lady is Anna, Hershey’s niece.  She has been living in Victoria recently so she came for a visit this afternoon and brought oatmeal raisin cookies and kambucha.  Both were a big hit on the treat list.  Anna also has Marfans and so understands many of the complications and has survived a few of her own medical emergencies.

Talk about “two great minds think alike.”  The conversation between these two blows me away, from every topic like the benefits of kambucha to the history of Ireland and alot in between.    Of note, there was some “mind expansion” drugs on board so we really covered a wide range of information.   Kind of like when more wine goes in more information comes out, but on a whole new level.   Too bad the Skipper is not likely to remember it all tomorrow.

It was  adorable when he first returned from the procedure and his nurse asked him how that went and his reply was, “I sure missed you.”  She is pretty cute.

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