Skipper is stuck to land…

The Skipper is stuck to laaand (said in a New Brunswick accent) and is now trying to impersonate a psych patient, this suits Sideways Sally just fine!!  He’s threatening to take all his clothes off except for his non-skid socks and run down the hall.   This I can deal with…


He’s back!!  The part of him that is the nutbar is alive and well, and he thinks he knows what happened.  He swallowed the anchor!!  It’s the pillow paws socks that have changed his life.  SS always tells her patients those socks are magical.


Wendy, the Skipper’s sister suggested we need to stage something more dramatic to boost our blogger views.  This is a very obvious solution.   Thanks for that Wendy!!

Humor is our best friend.

There’s a very good explanation to why the Skipper is feeling so good,  the bloodwork today showed his hemoglobin is only down from 92 to 91, which is great news.  The bleeding has slowed down without his warfarin on board.    He’s being closely monitored for the next few days, and may need more tests before restarting his warfarin.

This week the surgeon is on top of things, and anounced that Hershey is going to be transferred to the Royal Jubilee in Victoria to find the bleed before going back on warfarin.

“I’m is going to be used as a teaching aid and could have to describe my issues a couple of times.  Maybe I’ll be the Marfan posture boy.  Should be an interesting stay.”

We will keep updates going via the blog.  Thanks so much for all of your encouragement, calls, and support.

Love and respect,

Harold and Ruth


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