Pillow Talk

IMG_5942I apologize in advance that this is not going to be a sexy story.


Sideways is a busy lady, so far 3 out of 6 pillows have been recovered.  Now in the boating world one would automatically assume that something went overboard and needed to be retrieved out of the water.   This is a more “sewing related” matter.

While sitting and waiting for Hershey to be transferred to Victoria to get more medical tests and treatment,  SS is in project mode getting the cabin spiffy.    One can never have too many pillows around a boat to prop yourself up in a comfy corner.   Unless your the Skipper of OMOO.   When SS first came aboard OMOO there were too many really fancy over sized pillows which we removed.   These were replaced with a smaller version when the right size and price came up at Superstore.   Now SS is thinking they need a facelift.


In other news on G-Dock…  Teddy is missing his treats so get home soon Uncle Harold!!

IMG_0889 (2)



Vic brings Teddy by for treats and a visit most mornings.

IMG_0892 (2)

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