Toilet Gods


The toilet world is very important place.  It tells us all kinds of things.  The toilet was telling us that things weren’t staying where they were supposed to inside the skipper, soooo…

Sideways sent Hershey back to the hospital yesterday so she could get on with boat slaving and let some Real Nurses (RN’s) look after him.  I’m a Psychiatric Nurse, today he needs the other kind  🙁

Yup, the glue came off his bleed and he needed an transfusion of 3 bags of blood last night,  another scope today and he’s staying put in hospital till he’s fixed.    While he’s getting the plumbing scoped again Sideways is doing some boat plumbing.

Joker and flapper valves are replaced in the main head and the toilet gods were with me today!!  Why is it called joker valve??  Cause the toilet gods think it’s a big joke whenever somebody has to touch it!!  Taking it all apart is easy, just gross and smelly.   That’s after flushing the head with vinegar for 5 days and not using it for anything else.  It’s a shitty job but somebody has to do it.  Putting it back together can be fiddly cause all the bolts are in a tight space but everything went just as it should and the first flush test was successful, NO LEAKS!!

Sideways lives by the no nonsense approach,  just DO IT.   (scroll over pics to see captions)

We’re using a new joker valve from Raritan which has one slit which is meant to be installed horizontally which makes it tougher for stuff to slide back out.  That’s a big poopy deal in the boat world.  Jim from Linstrom Marine suggested it so we’ll get back to ya Jim!!

Well, that’s all my excitement for today…


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