Staying Local

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When we decided to stay local this summer Sideways Sally didn’t imagine being stuck to the dock!!  But here we are, busy doing Skipper maintenance.   We’ve been hanging out in the sunshine visiting with friends and neighbors.    It’s the best way we can think of to spend time when we need to stay close to the hospital and Doctors.

Sideways can keep busy with a list of projects, starting with changing the joker and flapper valve on the heads.  Now if you’re a true boater you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about and if you don’t know, keep it that way…

While checking out our local marine store for the flapper valve here at Maple Bay, one of dockyard workers Mark offered to engineer some new flapper valves for Hershey.   That  might just  work!!

Next on the list is replacing a zipper on the front of the dodger window.  These panels take alot of beating when we’re under full sail, steaming along at 7-9 knots, waves washing over the deck, or getting a lashing from the jib sheets in a wild tack.  Again, if you’re a true sailor you’ll be able to picture that happening.

Meanwhile, we can’t thank everyone enough for the visits to OMOO,  messages on social media and all the well wishes received from near and far.   Life is short, make it sweet. All our friends and family sure make this life rich.  Thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts.

This clip comes to mind today, since we’re waiting for the Skipper’s pacemaker adjustments to reach maximum performance along with some gradual healing of an internal bleed.    And we anticipate getting back out there when the time is right.  Thus the song from the “Pacemakers.”

Gotta luv it!!  Have a wonder filled week everyone, where ever the breeze take you.

Love and Respect,

Hershey and Sideways




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