A note from Charlie


I’m not really sure what happened but my house is gone.  Now my people sleep on this big blue and white boat, and there’s legs everywhere.  There is one really long legged human I’ve trained to give me treats whenever I see him.

There’s these other dogs around, three of them.  Very  small animals and I don’t understand them.   One barks and growls at me if I get ahead of him on the boat with all the treats.  The other one’s legs are only 2 inches long but he thinks he’s more important than the rest of us.   Then there’s the girl with fancy hair, she’s cute.  I’ve never barked or growled at any of them,  so I really don’t know what their problem is.

The legs had a party last night.  It’s nice when they sit down and I can see their faces. They were all down by my people’s boat, and I got a really big bone, I’m not sure why.   I think it smells like a bear.  I’m not sure what happened to it but now the boat smells like a bear too.  I saw a real bear looking across the water at us today.   It started to sniff the air, then it ran the other way.

First my house was gone, and now all the legs are gone, along with those little dogs.  I kinda like it out here though.  It’s pretty and my people seem very happy.  They never leave me alone anymore so I really like that.

The big bone came out again when we got to a beach, and I gnawed on it until it got dark.    I really would like to chew on some of the small bones that came from the long leg’s pocket again but he’s not around here anywhere.

Oh well, I guess I’ll see what happens next.

PS.  I really miss the long legs, treats and all the petting I got from all the legs.

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