Goat Trail

There’s alot of banging, drilling and sailor’s language going on behind the stern of OMOO this week.  It’s the disappearance of the goat trail.  In other words, G-DOCK is getting a face lift.

We’ve  been celebrating on the new parts of the dock each evening with lively discussions about the goings on of our lovely live aboard community and world wide events.  It’s  the best part of the day.  The skipper says he thought he’d never live long enough to see G-DOCK rebuilt, it’s a miracle!!  Next, the pipeline!!

The sunshine is non-stop this week and everyone is gearing up to set sail.  There’s a special celebration happening tonight for a lovely couple who are newly retired and leaving the dock for a trip of a life time.  The SV Dakota is heading off around Vancouver Island, then joining the Baja Haha to Mexico, then eventually sailing across the South Pacific and… across the world if all goes well.

It’s always bittersweet when someone leaves the dock.  The G-DOCK family will miss them but we’re also very excited for their adventure.   People work very hard to get to this point in life, Dave and Karen have been saving lives as a paramedic and a nurse.  Dave’s parents sailed around the world, taking seven years to explore, and now he and his First Mate are following in their footsteps.  They’ve got some amazing years ahead and we can’t wait to hear about them.

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The skipper leaves each happy hour lately saying, “I don’t know what I’m gonna do without Charlie.”  Charlie is the most calm and cultured creature on G-DOCK.  He’s a male Golden Lab who is a gentleman through and through.  The other G-DOGS are  1/4 the size of Charlie and 10 times more trouble.  But they do provide alot of entertainment…


Scroll across each picture for the “quotes” from each G-Dog.

Always happy to have you all enjoy our blog, please keep passing it along.

Love and Respect,

Harold and Ruth on OMOO.




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