Spring Chicken

SIXTY-ONE AND STILL HAVIN’ FUN!!  It’s been a birthday week!!

Nothing better than Kelly’s Paella and Bday dinner with this crew!!

Kelly and Jen, Ken and Tanis.

Sideways Sally has been trying to impersonate a spring chicken!  She’s feeling motivated and determined to look and act like a 30 year old, (29 in the dark) hehehe.  Along with doing an online beginners Pilate’s program, and boat projects all weekend, she still managed to crawl into work on Monday morning, her limp was almost undetectable.

Having spent the month counting calories in order to shed some extra feathers she gathered over the winter she’s decided to cut back on wine… she’s very grateful for vodka.



Sideways is enjoyIng many signs of spring on the short version of G-Dock.  There is rebuilding going on, with a new dock hauled in last week.  The recovery from some harsh winter storms commences, but it’s too quiet!!  Most of the live aboard community has been displaced onto H dock.  So far away!!


The dock walkers have no choice but to turn around just beyond OMOO, which of course allows the Skipper to hook some unsuspecting passers by with a story or three.  However a few old faithfuls have stopped by and the deck chairs come out in a big hurry.  It’s only the beginning, G-Dock loves spring time and soon all the boats will be sparking in the sunshine once again.

See you all soon on G-DOCK!!

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Thank you Ruth! I appreciate your well written and humorous updates, and always get a real kick out of how much fun you seem to have putting these videos together. Congratulations on wanting to tone up — it’s going to feel so good inside and out. Love to Harold. And all of G dock although I don’t think I know any of them anymore!

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