2019 Family Trip to OZ


Week 1 – Vancouver to Melbourne

I was determined to get a blog up each week, but here we are on week 3 of our trip and I’m grabbing a few moments early on a beautiful Aussie morning to try to catch up.  It has been an amazing journey so far with no major glitches in our travels.

We had one minor glitch at the airport with Barry’s visa because I put in my ex-husband’s birthday (who’s name is also Barry) instead of Barry Bromley’s.  I must have been doing this after too many over-time shifts at work.  However a quick re-do and 15 minutes later we were cleared for boarding.  WHEW!!

The best way to travel turns out to be with a slightly disabled person.  I say slightly because Irene can get around very well, especially getting to the AO (Aussie Open), I’ve never seen her beetle so fast as getting to the Rod Laver Arena to enjoy live tennis!!

We did not have to navigate our way through airports as we’d arranged assistance.  The kind and efficient staff scooped us up for fast security check through and whisked us away to the gate.   Hong Kong was a dream with the porter taking us right through to our hotel.   The ladies in Melbourne wouldn’t even let Lexi and I take our own luggage!!  And no line ups!  It was fabulous!

Next time I travel I’m borrowing that cane!!

The first day of tennis in Melbourne we took Barry and Lexi with us on a ground pass while we got our bearings and learned the transit system.  It was easy to get around on the tram once we got Barry away from measuring the track and onto the tram.  It was an amazing number of people moving around the city and attending the OA but it all went very smoothly.

We had no idea who we would end up watching but we did get a thrill out of seeing Serena Williams, Rafa Nadal, and the Oz female player Barty, among a few others. It was fun to be in the “Barty Party” and enjoy the Aussie fans.

Irene said what struck her the most is how quiet the crowd is while the volleys are on.  You can hear a pin drop, while she’s used to watching on TV when the commentators are talking the whole time.   It was fun and interesting for me to see her enjoying live tennis, and an educations as she knows ALOT about tennis and all the players, their wives and girlfriends, and any nonsense they’ve been up to.

Barry and Lexi toured the aquarium, went on a river cruise, and then took a day trip with a steam train ride out into a nature reserve.  Of course it was “not set up for us steam engine fanatics,” according to Barry.   He only had fleeting moments of measuring and examining things before getting yelled at to board the train.

Day 3 in Melbourne and we got on a tour for the Great Ocean Road.  The pictures explain it much better than I can.

Now it’s many hours later after another day of exploring this huge and interesting country.   We are off to go diving in the morning so I will post this for now and keep working on updates.

Cheers from down under.


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We have stayed with Malena and family for one week, then took off on a road trip north of Perth with a dear friend I met at South of Perth Yacht Club. He has taken us to his son’s place and given us an Aussie experience of local sights and amazing food (he’s a trained chef) . We are back to Perth next week for grans Bdays. S

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