Hershey is Home on OMOO.


It’s been exactly a month since the Skipper had his medical crisis, so we’re taking recovery day by day back on OMOO.   It’s just relaxing to go to bed at night and not have to wake up wondering “what’s gonna happen next??”

Hershey was discharged after Gisela (our GP) and SS met for the usual rounds and discussed going home on heparin injections, continuing to monitor INR with daily blood work, and getting the patient moving.  His care has been a mix of amazing Doctors and Nurses and some unexpected twists and turns of the medical system, for the most part miraculous, and for other parts, a setback.

Being in hospital can contribute to some deterioration once the medical crisis is dealt with.    The exercise and independence fly out the window, and things going on around you quickly become your daily routine and part of your life.  Although it’s a safe and necessary place to be, the “cocoon” can foster some dependence.

Sooo, here we are.

Our mornings are quite lazy, then we go get blood work drawn at the hospital to check INR (still below range but getting there).   Dinner is iron rich food, cooked in a cast iron frying pan to try to bring hemoglobin back up from 80.  The drink of choice for happy hour is Kambucha.   Evenings in the cockpit if it’s sunny, and early bed.  PRETTY EXCITING and we LUV it.

Hershey and Sideways want to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for the time you took to call and visit, bring treats, books, newspapers and magazines.    Thank you G-Dock family for the Welcome Home Basket (yummy).  This community we have on G-Dock and in Maple Bay is very special and the support is exceptional.  We feel very, VERY fortunate to experience this.

Thank you Ken and Tanis, who are our regular sailing crew, for drives down from Nanaimo to play crib or chess.  A very big THANK YOU to Vic for always being there in a crisis or just a friendly chat and visit with Teddy.  We are very lucky to have you  all and we love you heaps.

The pics are from our last time in Clam Bay at the beginning of June when SS got to test our her new camera on the wild life foraging for food.   It’s a Nikon P900.

June, 2019

The rest of this blog is a repost from year ago, and Clam Bay will mostly likely be our next stop for a little while, sometime down the road.


June, 2018

Every spring we’re itching to get out there and every spring we’re delighted all over again with Clam Bay.  A short sail north from Maple Bay in Stuart Channel past Tent Island, nestled between Penelakut (Kuiper) Island and Thetis Island, this is a spacious and protected anchorage.

One of the things we love most about this anchorage is the exposure to sun.  After the long winter months of cloud and drizzle we can’t wait to soak up some rays and Clam Bay is the place for that.  Along with abundant wildlife and an easy dingy ride through “the cut” to Telegraph Harbor Marina or Thetis Island Marina for supplies or treats, the holding is great and shelter is abundant for north or southerly blows.

Pictured below is “the cut” on an airial photo.  Click on the links.

Omoo has been known to seek a quick overnight stop in Clam Bay while waiting for slack tide in Porlier Pass, only to extend that to three days of luxurious lazing and boat gazing at the multiple vessels that come and go, using this for a convenient stopover.

Once rested and ready to go again, replenished by the quiet nights and feasting on sightings of the magnificent activity of eagles, raccoons, geese, ducks and seals, we carry on to further destinations.

But Clam Bay feels like our second home.



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