Up Close and Personal

Another year blew past in a flash, and as Sideways Sally looks back over some pics and videos to pick the best of the best for the “Memories of 2017” there are some footage not yet shared…

Up close and personal with the critters is one of them.  Somewhere along the way this video was compiled and it features those four legged creatures of the land, and some pretty cool dolphins swimming in the bow wave of OMOO.

The pics and videos span the years wandering up the Inside Passage and Circumnavigating Vancouver Island.  WOW, makes us want to go back to all the places… but maybe inspire others to wander as well.

Grab a cuppa something and come along with us on a little journey…


BURKE CHANNEL ON THE RETURN FROM BELLA COOLA, after been diverted by winds to 35 knots on the nose we returned to BURKE CHANNEL  in the early morning to get ahead of the inflow winds again.  We were greeted by this lovely pod of dolphins dancing in the bow wave.  As Sideways filmed on the bow, a larger dolphin kept the Skipper company at the stern, popping up to say Hi and slapping it’s tail to make sure it got notice.  What an amazing encounter, we feel so humbled and priviledged all at the same time to experience such graceful beauty.




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