one hand in my pocket

Speaking of the sweet memories from Australia last year, here’s a clip from a race on the river.  It’s with retro boats from 1940’s.  I’m on a 1958 H-28, she sails like a dream and the crew is wonderful, welcoming and skilled.  Considering I’m a newbie to racing and don’t speak all the lingo… yes the sailing terms are totally different to Canadian terms, they were happy to have anyone willing to crank a winch.

The race was cancelled after winds reached 25 knots due to the boats being very old and expensive to fix, if not impossible to replace broken parts.  The skippers and crew are also difficult to replace if injured!!

Drinks and camaraderie are plentiful back at the clubhouse and the anticipation for the next race keeps everyone coming back for more.  To say nothing of the sunshine!!  It was pretty special for this Canuck.


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